Resonance is the overlap of harmonious waves.  

In physics, this can be expressed at least two ways.  The first is a regular, periodic input into a system.  A simple swing is a good example.

Image result for resonance wave amplitude of a swing
Resonance from periodic force at natural frequency

We build resonance in our own lives with regular practices such as exercise and pursuing hobbies.  I call this INTRAPERSONAL RESONANCE.  It is a powerful way to effect change in our own lives.  It also takes time, which is why consistency is so important.

The graphic below is a good representation of resonance by two waves moving in opposite directions.  The red and blue waves are different oscillations along the same medium (a spring).  The black is the sum of the two waves at any given point and time.  Notice that when the red and blue waves overlap, the black wave doubles in size.  This is resonance, also called constructive interference.  Note for later that when the red and blue waves are in opposing positions, the sum is zero.

The other form of resonance is INTERPERSONAL RESONANCE.  This means that inputs, or waves, from two or more sources align constructively, creating a single wave of much higher amplitude.    Imagine what the resonance would look like if the waves were going the same way.  The size, or energy, of the wave would be doubled all the time.  

In resonance, the energy has all been accumulated into a reservoir, which can then be utilized for something else.  As a kid, energy from the swing was either for jumping out of the swing, running out of the swing or kicking one’s shoes across the playground. 😃

In our relationships with common goals, a very special form of resonance can occur. It differs from resonance in one key aspect.  While resonance allows energy to be compounded at a natural frequency with great efficiency,  SYNERGY allows the additional release of STORED vibrational energy.  Let me demonstrate.

If I push a swing with the same force each time at the swing’s natural frequency, the swing will go farther each time.  This is an increase in AMPLITUDE, and indicates the increased energy now in the system, as shown above.  The increase is proportional to the input force.  No surprises.

In relationships, working together in harmony, being on the same wavelength, a special productivity occurs that is more than the inputs.  The inputs alone can’t account for the resonance amplitude in a highly coherent relationship.  This phenomenon is known as SYNERGY.  The very definition of synergy is 1 + 1 = 3 or more.  So where does the rest of the energy come from?


Physics dictates that the energy comes from somewhere.  It cannot be created.  So if it wasn’t input into the system….it’s already there!  There is stored energy in the system, known as potential, that does not get utilized until it is released by the proper frequency, by resonance.  

Here is the power of resonance that can change our world:

We can attract unused energy in the system into positive frequencies, and once there, apply it to our society’s problems.

We are all outputting frequencies with every choice.  Each relationship we participate in, each habit we pursue, each smile, each wave, each curse word and each terrible thing we do creates a frequency that can be amplified.  And they are amplified.  People see and hear all the frequencies out there, and then they do something with that knowledge.  At the end of the day, the world is what it is because we created it together.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good in the world.  I believe far more is possible if we capture the hidden potential.


Now, here’s the first step.  We need to stop adding to the patterns, the frequencies, that created all the negative in our world.  We HAVE to fall out of step, on purpose. 

And we have to FORGIVE.  If we do not forgive, we remain controlled by the old patterns.  Forgiveness is not a restoration of trust or permission for bad behavior to continue.  It is merely a cessation of pursuing a pattern.  It is accepting that fighting a pattern head on means the pattern is controlling you, and then choosing to no longer be controlled by that pattern.

In battlefied terms, the current pattern has the initiative.  It is calling the shots.  FORGIVENESS frees us to start a new pattern, to take back the initiative, to proactively pursue something better.  And guess what? All that stored energy that is fueling those negative patterns goes back into a holding tank in the system.  We don’t have to overcome the extreme amplitude of every evil practice.  All we have to do is stop feeding it, and it will die on its own.

And after we forgive, and stop feeding the current pattern, we replace it with a new frequency, a new behavior, a new way of being.  (By the way, forgiveness IS one of the new frequencies!) Then, all that energy that dumped into the system from stopping the old practice will naturally build up again in the new.  Sounds simple, and it is.  It is also hard, because consistent participation is the key, which means motivation has to be sustainable.

Something to consider:  Rapid and/or catastrophic changes in direction come with consequences, like the generation of HEAT.  Think smoking breaks and warped rotors.  Too much change too fast, and people will rebel, solely on the basis of too much change, even if all the change is good.  

That is why regular periodic inputs are best, and why we have to start now.  It takes time to change the whole system unless people are going to be hurt or killed to do it.  I’d rather not endanger anyone, so I’m advocating that we start small.

This website is an invitation to all of us to begin resonating at the frequencies we want to see in the world.  We do this by consciously making good and right choices, particularly when we know others are watching, or are affected by our choices.

Others will choose or not to follow or emulate our good examples, but the powerful truth is that they cannot unchoose to perceive the example.  And when a good example resonates with the good in them, they will feel invited to do good also.  Just like playing a guitar string can vibrate another string, choosing the better path in a situation invites others to do the same.

How many good things in the world have happened simply because their was a sincere and kind invitation to do it?  Every choice we make can create an invitation for others to do good.  

Send out enough invites, and the world begins to change, all through resonance.