Resonance works both ways

I’m building this site, this effort, this quiet evolution to change the world for the better.  It is based on the ability of resonance to capture potential and then using that potential for good.

Potential is just that and no more.  Energy knows no good or bad, only flow.

The fact is, ALL of our choices are frequencies that echo in the lives of others.  And when bad behaviors are compounded by the choices of the influenced, the unused potential in the system gets co-opted for hurting instead of helping.

My wife experienced this with her last job.  The top dog in the food chain had chosen to forego many recommended practices from HQ, and appeared to be prioritizing his/her perqs over the performance of the workplace.  In two months’ time, morale was at an all-time low, performance was suffering across the board, the attrition rate was through the roof and there were insufficient employees to cover all responsibilities in a timely manner.  

The resonance in that workplace was most detrimental.  For most employees, the choice was to accept the poor performance or seek work elsewhere. 

(I believe that one can lead from any position.  Resonance is powerful enough to move mountains and bring down walls.  But most people don’t know how to exert this influence.  That’s why we’re here. )

Bad behavior by any leader is very difficult because it also damages the credibility of every other leader.  

So, we must be willing to step forward into the light, the spotlight, and lead.  And not only lead, but do the right things.  We cannot and should not stand by and let someone else usurp the responsibility of leadership to satisfy their own needs at the expense of those they serve.  

Remember, every choice we make is an example to others.  Choosing to allow bad behavior is giving approval for it to continue.  Let us choose to expect better of our leaders and ourselves.  And if we can’t get better from our leaders, we need to replace them with lightning speed.  Trust me, the other leaders would hear the thunderclap and think twice about bad behavior.  

It is up to us to hold our leaders accountable.   

TODAY’S INVITE:    Know what leaders are saying and doing.  Decide if you feel those things are good for you and your community. Learn what mechanisms are in place to hold leaders accountable.  Use those mechanisms. 

If those mechanisms are insufficient, learn what it would take to modify them.  Your influence can be the deciding input of force, the influence that pushes ideas of change into action.  

Be a good neighbor

Today’s post is on the power of being a good neighbor.  It starts with my neighbor being a good neighbor.  My  kids love to play at her house because she has several pets, and we have none.  

My neighbor is very generous with her time, house, food and pets, and it allows me the occasional respite.  For instance, it’s allowing me time to write this post hours before I expected.  

This was not planned.  I didn’t impose on my neighbor and fret about whether she could help.  She and our family are simply friends, and things fell together quite naturally.

At the same time, I noticed her son’s bicycle seat was too high.  Turns out, the seat post was too long.  So I offered to shorten it, because I had a metal saw that could handle it.  While I was at it, I put air in the tires and tightened the handlebars.  The whole thing took less than an hour, and her son is ready to roll on a bike that fits better and is a lot safer.  

An opportunity to help, to serve, to make the world better came out of just being a good neighbor.

Our relationship with this same neighbor started on a note of service.  She planned to move in on her own, with no one to help.  And she had a couple of large pieces that really needed two people.  We saw the truck and volunteered to help.  We unloaded the truck fast enough that she saved a whole day’s rental fee.  And because her kitchen was all in boxes, we just had them over for dinner.  We’ve been friends ever since.  

I know not every neighbor story will be so idyllic, but I believe in my heart that every neighbor story can be better.  

When we are kind and generous to others, we tend to gain influence with them.  That influence can help us change each other for the better.

We also lead our neighbors when we are kind to them.  We demonstrate an example of kindness, of self-sacrifice, of genuine care for another human being.  When we validate the needs of others, and choose freely to help, it’s called love.  

And so I ask you, what would today have been like if my family and I had seen our new neighbor struggling with unloading her truck, and said “She really should have gotten help,” and walked inside?  A lot less joyful, that’s what.  We would have missed a valuable friendship.  How tragic when we forego opportunities to lift others.  

When we lift others through selfless service, we lift ourselves.

Today’s invite:

When you notice someone struggling with something, offer sincerely to help.  (It doesn’t have to be directly.  Sometimes helping is going and finding the expert who can directly help.  Sometimes listening is helping.)

While you are helping:

Learn that individual’s name if you don’t already know it. 

Offer your own if they don’t already know it. 

And when you are done helping, wish them a good day.

Comment below on your experiences and feelings from helping someone else! Let us know how you made the world better, or how someone helped you!