Patterns run our lives.  There is great power in knowing this, and more in utilizing this knowledge effectively.

Scientists and their big data, financiers, prospective partners and job interviewers are all looking for the same thing: coherent patterns.  Once a pattern is identified, diagnostic comparisons and prophetic predictions soon follow.  Based on the identified pattern (which may or may not reflect reality) people make very real decisions.  Patterns, real and imagined, run our lives.

What is a pattern?

The word pattern has 11 noteworthy definitions, according to Merriam-Webster.  The most relevant here is number 10:

a discernible coherent system based on the intended interrelationship of component parts

The system is recognizable, fits together, and is defined by the relationships of its parts. Each part is given context by the whole as it helps to create the whole.

Side note: patterns don’t have to repeat infinitely to be patterns. 
Simply put, a pattern is a clear image.   One type of image is the energy patterns of thought.

Thought patterns

Thoughts are an image of what is, was or could be.  The ability to imagine is nothing less than the superpower of our species.  We literally take the energy of the universe, reshape it into a new pattern, and manifest it.  That’s power!  

Here’s the big question: What are we manifesting?

Look at the world in its totality..  There is much good, much bad and much mundane.  Whatever we choose to think and act upon creates the world, bit by bit, every day.  

Each of us is an energetic system, and we exist in a larger context of a greater system.  We are the universe.  We all matter.  All of our thoughts matter.  Our actions matter.  

And because we are part of the system, our contribution affects the whole.  And because our influence affects the whole, we are accountable for our contributions. Puts our actions into a new perspective, doesn’t it?  That’s the power of a pattern.