My story starts with a failure.  

I failed to move forward in Dental Hygiene school. That failure happened for one reason:

I was afraid.

Darkness falls

What if I’m not good enough?  Will my classmates like me? Is going into this much debt for school really worth it?

Failure wasn’t an option, and it became inevitable. Fear became my world.  And because fear was my paradigm, those fears became reality.  I manifested my own failure because I was obsessed with failure.

The sun rises

From this I learned that my fear came from self-loathing.  I didn’t (couldn’t!) like myself.

ALL of my emotional needs had to be met by external sources. I was emotionally dependent.

This need drove all of my actions. I needed approval to succeed, but my instructors could only give approval for success.

The answer was self-validation.

Self-love, unconditional self-love, is a gift that only I can give me. When I accepted this, everything began to change.  I didn’t need sympathy, or “help”. I didn’t need people to like me. Validation from others was unnecessary.  Self-love changed everything.

Aiming for the stars

Soon, I had rocket fuel in my veins.  I wanted to better myself and now believed it was possible. Inviting others to better themselves became my fervent quest.  Bettering the world became not only possible, but imperative. 

I want to help you achieve your possibilities. Let’s discuss how I can help.

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