This is Heart Work

This work is Heart Work. It comes from my heart. You see, I’m an Atlas Empath. I hurt when I see the world’s problems, and I want to help the whole world. Mass shootings don’t have to happen. Peace and understanding are worth achieving because they are better. And the system I’m creating has that potential.

Not Real, Ideal

Most will say that my desire for a better world is not realistic. That’s exactly right, but for the exact opposite reason they assume. My vision of a better world is idealistic. The point of a vision is to guide us to somewhere better, to create that which does not yet exist. So my vision isn’t real, yet. I know it can be. We will build it together, understanding the principles of energy movement.

Ultimately, all I’m doing is trying to speak to, vibrate and harmonize with those heart strings containing all the good in the world. People talk about tugging at heart strings. I say we should strum them and make beautiful music together.

When I reach something good inside of you, listen to it. To paraphrase Luke Skywalker, “There is good in you. I can feel it.” There is good in all of us. We don’t have to find it or invent it. We need to let it out and get out of its way. Even if your good feels a bit buried, it isn’t gone. I promise. Just listen for it and when it whispers to do something better, act.

Some Assembly Required

I’m spending all the spare time, money and energy I can on this. I am so driven by this work that I stay up late writing, and wake up early to keep going.  I’m working for good, and I can’t do it alone. This message of hope and help needs allies.

If you feel the desire to help this work, there are several ways to do so:

1. Act on the good you feel
2. Share a link, post or concept with someone else. Refer them here.
3. Seek out other sources of learning that inspire good. Act on those.
4. Make a donation. The best resources, understandably, are not free.
5. Hire me. Writer, Life Coach, Aspiring Visionary. Contact me here.

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