Energy is.  It is neither created nor destroyed.  It only changes form. The very definition of being present, energy follows laws of movement that can help us understand the world.

Energy is defined in physics as the capacity to perform work.  And work is defined as, basically, a change in reality.  So the capacity to effect change is energy.

We normally think of energy as electricity.  But according to the above definition, many other things would qualify.

For example, money.  Money can effect change.  Words can effect change.  Actions effect change.  Leadership, power of example, music! The list goes on, and all of these things are energy.  

We’ve always known that energy moves, long before we had the scientific method or a word for energy, or any understanding of energy waves.  That’s all fine and good, but what does it really matter?

Understanding energy movement, not just energy, is how we change the world.  Energy moves in WAVES.  Studying this behavior is the study of the relationships between all things.

When we understand the principles that govern a system, we can influence that system more effectively.

And so it becomes the perfect language for the community I hope to build.  I want to build a world that sees energy movement, that sees beyond the physical brain to the mind, beyond the actions to the motivations, beyond what appears to separate us to what truly binds us together.

A System is…