Conditional Impossibility

We are generally familiar with the idea of conditional possibility. “I will get that as long as I…”. However, we seem to have a very limited understanding of conditional impossibility. We see something that is impossible now and think “That’s impossible.” and leave it at that. And by doing so we have left incredible opportunities on the table. You see, a great many things are only impossible now, not forever.

We must recognize that the impossible now can turn into possible later, but that the change depends on us.

We have the capacity to grow and learn, to become not only different but better. MUCH better. And while this capacity exists within us, it must be cultivated. It must be fostered.

If you dig enough, you will find that the most successful people not only accept that they can grow, they leverage it strongly and consistently. They are unafraid of change. They know the price of change (sacrificing old for new) and willingly pay it.

That’s the sticking point, isn’t it? It isn’t that we don’t want growth. It’s that we aren’t willing to pay the price to get it.

So it comes back to the truth that merely wanting something is insufficient to obtain it. Wanting is Potential energy. Only Kinetic energy can change us, change the universe.

In other words, What are you willing to work for? How much willpower will you use to wrestle your dream into existence? Because no one is going to give you your dream. No one is going to make your vision come true for you. It’s your vision. They have their own. If you want yours, you have to want it enough to overcome the will of those who don’t want it, or don’t care.

So I ask you, in the midst of all your conditional impossibilities:


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