Back to Basics

This blog had served as an outlet for me to share whatever nuggets of wisdom I have found.

However, it started based on the best and brightest nugget, to which I will now return.

Unity. Unity is the answer to our problems. People think that we must solve our problems before we can be unified as a people, a civilization, a nation. This is backwards. We must unify under any mutually beneficial principle, and then we can solve our problems together.

I prefer the Christian approach, which states that we ought to love and care for each other as equals who are all of infinite worth. Others may not, and that’s ok. But we have to agree on something.

Religion? Not necessary, and unlikely. Politics? Also very unlikely. I think the one thing most of us can agree on are some basic tenets of morality. If we can’t do that, then we are already lost.

I believe we should unify around the following:

Respectful confrontation and conversation.

Honoring laws that prevent lying, stealing, cheating and killing.

These tenets all focus on how we treat each other. And all of them demonstrate how we value each other.

So now I ask you, after a brave self-confrontation, are you a part of the solution or part of the problem?

Challenge: Let us all examine our actions toward each other. Are we seeking unity or divisiveness? How are we showing it? And if any part of our life is out of tune, let’s elevate it back into tune with unity around these key principles of treating each other well.

My friends, seek unity in yourself, your family, your community. Find common ground, and see how unity can lift your life.

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